Seven Sacred Teachings

  1. Love (Eagle): Saagi’iwewin

    The eagle is powerful and majestic. As it soars higher towards the heavens, it carries our prayers to the Creator: a spiritual connection to the Creator. We must live love unconditionally with everyone including all of creation. Through the Creator there is love, and through love there is peace.

  2. Respect (Bison): Manaatandomowin

    The bison represents sacredness and is treated with respect. We must always have high regard for everyone including all of creation. Children are taught to always have utmost respect for the elders. We must not inflict harm on ourselves and others. To treat everyone the way we want to be treated is to have respect for all.

  3. Humility (Wolf): Dabasenimowin

    The wolf represents humility. Wolves live in packs like we live in communities, where no one is higher or lower in stature among their neighbours. In this way, we will be truly humble. To exemplify humility, we must not become arrogant and place ourselves above others.

  4. Courage (Bear): Soogenimowin

    The bear represents courage and strength. It is gifted with a brave spirit of heart. A mother bear will love and protect its family. When we protect ourselves, we also strengthen our families, communities and nations. We must meet all obstacles, challenges and barriers with an open mind and with courage.

  5. Honesty (Raven): Gwayakwaadizwin

    The raven represents honesty. We must be honest with ourselves and with others. We must be principled to always speak the truth, to be correct and accurate. We must not injure others by misusing the power of the word; not to mislead or gossip. We must speak from the heart to speak the truth.

  6. Wisdom (Beaver): Gikendamowin

    The beaver is a builder. To acquire knowledge is to earn the gift of wisdom. Like the beaver who uses knowledge to build, we need wisdom to build better relations with all. By advocating for and building bridges of good relations, through wisdom, we can create a peaceful world.

  7. Truth (Turtle): Debwewin

    The turtle represents truth. The turtle is the protector of the teachings of life. Truth is ingrained in all that we think, say and do. This is to speak about our lived experiences by being true to ourselves and others. With truth and by walking the path of the seven grandfather teachings, we will experience menobimadiziwin.