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Little Brother Eagle

This young nephew, a Northern Goshawk, crashed into my house last November. His neck looked like it was at a 90-degree angle and I thought he was dead. He had a flicker of life when I ran outside and picked him up, and he was soon showing a lively spirit. I took him to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre within the hour. The experts there took over and began doing a wonderful job with him.

Although he had no broken bones, Little Brother Eagle remained in need of care at the Wild Bird Care Centre and was soon transferred to a space with a large outdoor flying area.

We were hoping that Little Brother Eagle would recover quickly so that he could be released back home. I heard his family calling him one day.

Some time later, I the opportunity to visit him again. We went for a tour to learn about the centre’s important work saving injured birds. Here, you can see a video of the Goshawk eating his lunch when I visited him.

Sadly, the struggle was ultimately too difficult for Little Brother Eagle.

I remain grateful to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre. This life-saving organization is volunteer-run and fully funded by donations. To learn more and support its incredible work, please visit If you want to see a Goshawk in action, have a look at this incredible video.

Little Brother Eagle


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