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Kristy Cameron

Kristy Cameron, a teacher and artist, was born and raised in Atikokan, Ontario, the Canoe Capital of Canada. Being raised surrounded by the beauty of the natural world has given her endless subjects to paint. As a Metis artist and a descendant of numerous voyageurs and Bay boys, she incorporates the Metis sash (and in some cases, the Hudson's Bay Company colours) into her paintings to signify herself. Kristy delves into cultural aspects and meanings in her art as she continues to explore who she is. Initally painting with watercolour, then oils, she has come to appreciate the brightness and quick-drying capabilities of acrylics. All of Kristy's paintings are completed by painting with acrylics paints on canvas. Kristy's painting style contains many meanings with mysterious historical beliefs and legends entwined into them. She uses bright, dramatic colours and movements. Most comments regarding Kristy's paintings reflect these attributes: "Every time I look at these paintings, I see something new!" When not at her canvas, she is enjoying the land around Atikokan with her husband Michael, and their three daughters, Kelly, Emlyn and Keira. ----------Email: Kvcameron@gmail.com/ Website: http://www3.sympatico.ca/mkcameron2/Kristy/Home.html